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See the list of frequently asked questions to learn more about the variety of solutions to your security needs.

Check out what we can offer you and what to do when you lose your keys. We can help you deal with everyday problems related to your security!

What do I do when I lost my keys?

If you lose your house, apartment or car keys, contact a professional immediately for emergency locksmith services. Calling a locksmith is way better than fixing or breaking in because they can serve the purpose of coming up with new keys. You have the option to replace your old locks with a new set, or to rekey the locks for the old keys to unfit.  Locksmith Del Mar can help you with all these troubles.

What other services do locksmith services offer?

Locksmiths are not only trained in cutting keys and fitting locks, they also provide versatile and innovative services for your security needs. Aside from dealing with lockouts, they are knowledgeable in handling safes, door hardware and window frames. They also specialize in creating master keys which is a great alternative to bulky rings of keys and are trained to install alarm systems and CCTV cameras. Locksmith Del Mar can help you with these kinds of situations.

Is there a way to keep myself out of trouble?

Of course there is. In order to avoid lockouts, you can have an extra pair of keys with you. All important keys of your doors, windows, vaults can have their pairs. You can keep them in a certain place so that they are always available for you in case you have lost the main ones.

When should I consider upgrading to high-grade locking mechanisms?

Locksmith Del Mar specialists recommend that you start upgrading to high-grade locking mechanism when your home has reached a point where the contents are simply far too valuable to trust with conventional locks. However, it should be noted that conventional locking systems are still reliable and completely useful in this day and age.

Why doesn't my key lock the door?

In most cases, such problems indicate a loose cylinder or broken lock mechanism. In the case of the former, the cylinder must be tightened. In the case of the latter, you must have the locks replaced. It's best to call our technicians in Del Mar to determine the exact problem and give you solutions.

Can users have a private access code to use with electronic locks?

Yes, the maximum number of users who can have their own unique code varies between devices. Commercial locks are usually designed for a greater number of users.

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