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Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Door Locks

01/01/2014 Back To Blog

Similar to how a front door is the first line of defence of your home from the harsh weather and outside elements, a door lock serves as your first protection against thieves. Nobody likes to have their privacy invaded, much less have their valuables stolen so it is a must for you to invest in proper door locks. You can either install the locks yourself or have a professional in locksmith Del Mar do a good job of it for you. But when is it time for you to replace your door locks? Read on to find out.

When is it Time to Replace Door Locks?

There are many instances when it is a wise move, security-wise, to change your door locks. This includes the following:

If you just bought an already existing house

You just moved to a different city and there’s this lovely home which you are ready to transfer to. The real estate agent hands over the door locks. Do you use it immediately, or have all the locks replaced first? The latter is definitely a wiser decision. You do not know who the previous owners of the house gave duplicates of the house keys to, so you need to take that extra precaution of changing the door locks.

When the locks are too old to be secure

It’s time to have your locks replaced when they look too old to be secure. If you have old-fashioned padlocks, deadbolts or any other kind of lock which you are finding difficult to open, have them replaced immediately before you accidentally lock yourself out of the house.

When there are missing keys

If there are missing keys and you cannot remember where you placed them, it’s better to have the entire locking mechanism replaced than risk a possible break-in in case your keys fall into the wrong hands.

After a break-in

Prevention is better than cure so it pays to change unsecure locks before a break-in actually happens. But if it unfortunately does happen, the next thing that you need to do after notifying the police is to change your locks.

After a change in tenants

Finally, if you’re a landlord and one of your tenants moved, you may want to change the locks just to be on the safe side. Take all these necessary precautions so that you can ensure the full security of your house from risks of possible break-ins.

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